Anyone seen my Razor?

Friday, June 10, 2005

I need to Shave. Getting laid off really takes the wind out of my sails. Nobody yelling at me no motivation hot summer. Nothing to do but sip Iced Tea in my backyard and play guitar. Jason said he might take me out for coffee today so thats something to look foreward to at least. Beyond that I might make some dinner, maybe fire up the BBQ and cook up some chicken. My list of chores is a mile long but im getting tired of painting. So im gonna go pour another coffee and wait for my phone to ring.


b1alpha said...

That sounds perfect for bbq times. I should be down there we could master some BBQ meals to help out that fridge disaster. You know with a piece of nice steak your fridge has a varitable zoo of garnishes and marinades. I reckon there is an onion and a potatoe you are set. where is the sour cream make deer steaks and moose steaks and go hunting for them. I should come back and we can see if we can hunt all our own food but we need a big truck and guns which are expensive so we have to work real hard hunting.

I think you should also brew some beer and wine with your spare time things that take some time to actualize and you can watch time pass and see things develop. It helps making plans and growing plants is realy good to make lots of plants everywhere in your house so you can barely walk around.

There is so much to do outside. Longboarding for instance is what I have taken up its a mega blast I am learning to do a 180 slide at like 30mph. And being chased by security guards makes me feel like im in high school again just sick fun.