Olde School

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Well having been waitlisted to my engineering program for the next three years , I have started to rethink my purpose in life and what makes me feel complete what gives me a sense of community and duty. What is life without work? I've spent a month dog fucking and its getting boring, sure I've caught up on all my video game playing, comic book reading and general shenanigans. But having hit the brick wall of purpose well Ive been thinking of alternative careers. I'd really like to be a film critic or maybe a rockstar but I think the life of a political body guard would be sweet too. I dunno I'm gonna hafta think about it.


The Lazy Iguana said...

What is life without work!?!?!? Are you kidding?!?!


If I had all the money I could use, I would spend my days on adventures. For one, I would love to sail around the world. If I could I would buy a 45 foot sailboat tomorrow and set sail next week.

b1alpha said...

There was a toaster on the red dwarf last night, it had a crisis about making toast that is damn funny. Heh those muppets are fun to watch but didnt you find rico is kinda crazy his mouth moves too fast.

b1alpha said...

I was at Amon Tobin last night with sam and he was trying to speak to me over the massive speakers. He kept making these hand gestures and saying blogger blogger and I didnt understand, then in front of us was a guy doing a block dance. hrm.. I thought it would be good to post that on here last night I laughed that we were talking about blogging at a concert. He was good btw 5.1 sound apparently and all that vancouver jazz festival influence so hard to listen to at times but for a few fleeting moments he played some fucking wicked jungle old school trax and I burt it up wit mason, as he put holes in his new socks from kickn it so hard.

thedeviluno said...

Amon Tobin rocks