A Jihad on the Rain.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Ya im laid off, its kind of a long story, so ill make it short. Once upon a time this nice guy out-smarted his evil boss, the end, but theres an epilogue. Theres so much I havent done yet, adventuring for loot is high up on my list. So anyone with any pirate maps or like archeological finds should email me. But in the event that doesnt happen I made an appointment with a career councillar, who tried to steer me off a cliff of finacial and personal ruin. I'm not kidding this lady, if I can call her that, resembled a troll. She advised me to enter various fields of trade on the brink of collapse. Anyone that can pick up a newspaper in my hometown knows that certain sectors of industry have been hit hard by what is known as the Pine Beetle. This creature has devasted the forests in B.C. and my career counciller looked me in the eye and said "Forestry needs people, its a two year diploma blah blah blah" I didnt really pay attention to her after that, I just smiled and thanked her for her time secretly wishing I could have it back. The only perk to my day today was that it stopped raining long enough for me to mow my monster of a lawn, which had become over-run with wild woodland creatures and large mushrooms. I did some other stuff like not paying for parking in the Pay Parking lots. Its a little gamble I love, I get a rush from walking up to my car wondering if I been hit by the parking police. Win some Lose some. I wonder what my future holds you just gotta be positive and remember it cant rain all the time.....

5 Day Forecast from Environment Canada

Chance of showers
  • Low 9 °C
  • POP 40%

Chance of showers


The Lazy Iguana said...

It is not unemployment, I call it FUNemployment!

Brass Monkey said...

I wish I were laid off. But alas, I am not.

whitney said...

i don't have a job to be laid off from.