Prince of Poets

Friday, July 22, 2005

I've been reading a lot of fables lately out of errm studious interest. I came across some guy named Ignacy Krasciky.


Born1735–1801, Polish satirist. He is noted for the poems Myszeidos, an allegory on political disorder, and Monachomachia, a witty inspection of monastic life, as well as for his novels, prose satires (e.g., Satyry, 1779), and fables. Krasicki enjoyed the favor of both Stanislaus II and Frederick the Great. Six years before his death he was made archbishop of Gniezo.

Good stuff and his Fables have a little twist at the end, which I always enjoy. Oh and also you learn something which is what makes these little stories so enriching.


Anonymous said...

seems to me that you are going to surpass your father one day soon. Now if you could combine your intelligence with experience you would be truly great.

thedeviluno said...

Thx Dad.

Anonymous said...

I like that.