Kicking my own Ass

Thursday, August 11, 2005

The gym has left me no strength or energy to do anything besides complain and lay around the house with boughts of napping in between painful sessions of consiousness. It's really not as bad as I make it out to sound, but its been several years since I was involved in any kind of fitness regime and it shows. Lonestar has been showing me the ropes at the gym and we both showed up wearing the same beer shirt today. Which prompted us to re-assess our gym attire. Womens fitness apparel is on par with rocket science. They can design lycra in such a way that it somehow supports all a girls squishy parts and yet ressembles little more than a bra and panties. I'm not complaining about anything but a sore neck; however mens gym strips arent so luxurious. I'm gonna hafta see what advances science has made in track pants and muscle shirts. If I remember correctly the greeks exercised naked and maybe they knew what they were doing. Until then I have a shopping list.

Things to Buy
Workout Gloves ( soft hands )
Muscle or buffalo style shirt with mesh ventilation
Track pants
better ear-phones for the mp3 player
sweat band for wrist ( so i can wipe myself off)


K-Prime said...

Mesh ventilation? Now I'm really glad I don't go to your gym.

eve said...

thats how i feel every night. yesterday i passed out from the heat. it was a heat index of 133. soccer...2 hours...6 laps, 25 sprints and 25 suicides...

kill coach...

complain all u want. i don't mind.

thedeviluno said...

damn and i thought i had it bad.