Quiz Time

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Family Guy Quiz

My results, should come as no suprise.

Which Family Guy character are you?

Stewie Griffin

You are an anarchist, a thespian, and you hate your family (especially your mom) as well as pickels. For Christmas, you want either a dead Lois or some plutonium. Also, you can do a lounge version of Rocket Man by Elton John.


brass said...

Which Family Guy character are you?

My Results:

Mayor Adam West

You have a lot of power but you're completely incompetent and useless with it. You love taffy almost as much as kissing your hand.

B said...

i am Stewie too

gadget said...


You are a strong black woman who has a very easy time controlling your man. You usually hurt your husband while having sex with him.

A few indesicions gave me Stewy then Mayor Adam West ...