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Thursday, September 08, 2005

It's time once again to talk about man panties. But first, I must digress.

In old age, I've become bored with the typical styling. Our youth may be pleased with witty sayings on their shirts, but this far from floats my boat.

There was a small stint where I thought socks were it. What a mind numbingly boring method of self expression and social perversion. Such a fad was short lived, and only one important lesson was bestowed upon me. Argyle is your friend.

Now thanks to a close personal friend, and more importantly he's lovely wife. I am possession of some very thrilling man panties.

I can call them man panties because this is what they are, you might stop and say, well aren't they boxer briefs? To which I would reply no, no they are not.

Now there are 3 things to note.

1. I am wearing these right now.
2. I put gay pics on Devils page.
3. Uomo resembles Homo

Now for years I've been wearing the likes of Prodigy, Joe Boxer and Jockey.

These are all fine. Prodigy are nice, but don't offer much support, Joe Boxer wears through like a cheap whore and Jockey, well Jockey... I'm not 12 anymore.

The pair in the picture boast these qualities :

Man's best friend. Breathable cotton / lycra blend for extra softness and comfort. Signature elastic waistband with soft brushed cotton lining. 90% cotton / 10% lycra. Imported.

Tomorrows pair though, has me a bit worried.

Obligatory Notes.

1. More gay pics
2. These things are soft.
3. They are spandexy

Perfectly seamless trunk in high tech microfibre that's ultra soft and comfy against his skin. Label free with knit-in waistband preventing chafing and binding. One inch shorter than the boxer, the trunk gives a more snug fit. 92% polyamide / 7% lastane / 1% polyester. Imported.
Now, I tried these on out of curiosity, and I must say; they are frightening. My package looked huge. But still, something was wrong.

Than I realizeded it. I felt like I belonged in a gay petting zoo. These things are softer and smoother than girl underwear, I'm afraid I might not go to work in lieu of staying home and touching myself.

Coming Soon : Male Support the Conclusion.


K-Prime said...

I think you're just looking for any excuse to stay home. But I'd pay to see you call in to work to say, "I'm sorry, I can't come in, I'm too busy masturbating."

Zanitram said...

I'd chip in a few if I can watch....

**posted by anonymous**

thedeviluno said...

Maybe I'm wearing the wrong underwear.

b1alpha said...

I think I may actually have the reason here. Why do they have gay pictures on the cover of mens boxers? A. Because real men do not talk about underwear, they simply wear it, or better yet do not wear any. If it were a picture of a girl on the box, you could not tell what it looks like, but
there is no need to talk about this. The only thing underwear are good for is ganchy pulls and hiding your bum crack when you pick heavy things up. In fact those ones you have there just make there less room for your junk and it makes no sence, you should just cut off your underwear an inch below your jeans so that its like commando, or just sew a fake pair into your pants so it looks like you have some on. If you keep doing that your going to get cancer down there, let it be free like nature intended, cut out a hole for everything and put mesh there instead of tight fabric at the very least.

If you have soft fabric in there, its not good because you will get use to the feeling of soft things, then when you try to do girls you wont be able to get off. You better cut that shit out man.


thedeviluno said...

I just got a pair and they are divine, feels like God is cupping my ball sack. He's got the whole world....