Thursday, October 13, 2005

The car broke down at a gas station. There were some homeless people on a bus stop bench near the my car. The derelict and forgotten let loose big whoops of laughter and cheered as I put the car in first and pulled away after ten minutes of trying to start it. Murder was the first thing I considered. Bloody murdering those bloody bums. Adding their fresh blood to my engine as a sacrifice. Some people might feel humiliated when a homeless person mocks the ordinary citizens material possessions. I did not feel humiliated, I felt angry. A feeling that has not completly subsided. So today I'm off to the used car lot to see what I can buy that runs. Ok so I didnt make the best choices in life. I didnt become a doctor or a lawyer or a banking investor. Ok so I didnt travel the world or dig wells in africa. So maybe I dont deserve an iota of respect or dignity. But one day I might take my respect at the end of a choked skinny alchoholic neck or the next person to fuck with me...Im on the edge now.


K-Prime said...

Congrats on the restraint, and remember, human sacrifices are something best done in one's backyard, not in front of a gas station. Go back later and kidnap the bastards, I say.

digi said...

whoa. did they not cheer for you when you finally got it started? isn't that a show of support?

you are an angry cock.

Zanitram said...

I say.
YOur cock is full of anger.
I bet it brought joy to the hearts of the bums.. its not like they have a lot to live for.. Its like if you cheer for a hockey team or something. makes you feel good inside.

Your cock is full of anger

thedeviluno said...

Ok i will not kill bums. Maybe i just misunderstood....their hoots of laughter for laughing...with no wait....stfu