Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ok well I'm just drinking a cup of coffee. Xmas was delightful, I got all kinds of Loot both useful and otherwise. My favorite gift being the wicked new computer im running, closely followed by my Cordless black and decker Drill. Hmm ill just go outside and take a picture of the first thing I screwed with my drill.The best part of receiving a fancy patented "No Squirrels" Bird Feeder is that I mounted it with just one screw. It was so easy I just kept wanting to screw stuff. You cant screw everything, the right tool for the right job, so I have begun compiling a "things to do" list with two columns to better reflect my carpentry skills.

Things to Screw<------>Things to Nail

  1. ---------------------- ----------------
  2. -------------- --- ----- ----------------
  3. ---------------- ---------------------------

Years of toiling with a manual driver has had its fringe benefits, a strong grip and firm handshake being the first two that come to mind. Another nice thing about the holidays was seeing my sodomite friends that abandoned me for the lure of the big cities. They have spent years suckling the teets of the babylonian whore and she has left them corrupted and contemptible. But hey it seems like they are having a good time so who am I to Judge? The Holidays are not yet over however and with New Years looming a few days off, I have reserved the greater part of my passion for this seminal event in my life; the anniversery of my first born child and the promise of immortality through the perpetuation of the double helix. My spawn will extinguish four flames in the sacred rite of cake. As our ancestors (living and dead) observe our multiplication, in smug satisfaction.


The Lazy Iguana said...

No squirrels?? That is not fair. I mean, don't squirrels have rights too? Are you an anti-squirrelmite, or just a bird supremist?

I like my cordless drill too, the problem is that the battery life is always just a little bit too limited. And the things never have the torque of a corded drill.

With a full battery charge, I am lucky to be able to put up 33.3% of the hurricane shutters before needing a recharge. Of course, I have old batteries.

And screwing tap-cons into a concrete block wall has killed more than one cordless drill.

Zanitram said...

Check out th3k1m's sqpimp page. (msn space) All about squirrels and how to love them. Squirrels have feelings too.
Shame on you. Shame.

thedeviluno said...

How about some Linkage?