Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Clicky--->Pandora will predict what music you like based on specific patterns of a sample you provide. My mind is blown.

"It's powered by the Music Genome Project, the most comprehensive analysis of music ever undertaken. Just tell us one of your favorite songs or artists and we'll launch a streaming station to explore that part of the music universe."


Kafka said...

Agggh! You've done it!

You win.

This is, The Best Site on the Internet Ever.

Congratulations. Cheque is in the mail. You may now stop browsing.

b1alpha said...

lol. well they didnt have any of the 'bands' i was looking for, i mean this years brain smasher anthem, black tarantula by pendulum was not even found. What, so i guess if I write ACDC they write LedZeplin. dang.. I request they know something about the latest best UK or Australian jungle. They are not wise enough for the years best site award.

The Lazy Iguana said...

This site is amazing. Just for giggles, I entered "MC Hawking" and it found it, then launched "MC Hawking Radio".

This site totally rules. The entire internet is it's bitch.

Kafka said...

bstyle, just a hint - when you go to search, you have to enter in "music". :-)

thedeviluno said...

Yeah Ive always wanted one of these. I entered Brittany Spears Toxic and they queued up a Celine Dion Song that didnt suck as bad as thought it would.

Anonymous said...

yeah man, thanks for opening this box. its fun to stump pandora but even better when it spits out something new & tasty for my ears. the devil has bribed me with wicked shit once again, good job