Sunday, February 05, 2006

As I write this I have 26mins before I finish my last shift of the week. My body has been ravaged by splinters and aches and pains are now standard. I managed to get a sliver through my finger which is not unusual except it pinned my glove to my hand and lacking the bravery to yank off my glove, helplessly watched a crimson stain soak expand, while my bottom lip trembled and eyes burned with salty tears. I hafta go eat some porridge now and will finish this post in some 24hrs depending wether I go to sleep or decide to flip my sleep rotation. BTW Graveyard shifts are named after the strange 19 century custom of burying people alive and leaving an attendant to monitor the cemetary for a ringing bell that announced a corpes' return to life. That about sums up what I do....being buried alive.


Anonymous said...

after a few months on 'graves' you'll begin to look & act like you just crawled outta one too; pale, pasty and desperately craving brains

thedeviluno said...

Its a swing shift so its 2 weeks night 2 weeks days all pain.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Going from nights to days sucks. I would rather just stay on one shift or another.