Friday, February 10, 2006

3pm wake up.
3-4pm drink coffee check emails.
4pm- Annoy daughter/wife.
4-5pm eat some breakfast.
5-6pm Review Lumber grading booklet and leave for work.
6:15pm Bus leaves for sawmill.
6:45pm Arrive at work drink coffee/ smoke.
7pm-10pm Work take first break.
10:10-1am Work and take lunch, attempt to trade yogurt for pudding.
130am-3:30am work and take coffee break.
3:40am-5:30am Work until last break of the day, pack up lunchbox.
540am-7am- Last 1.5 hours takes forever, pray to god for time machine, Get on bus.
730am- 745am- Arrive home take shower fall asleep.


4pm Wake up drink Coffee repeat except for sunday when Work starts at 5:30pm with 8 hours between shifts everyone is grumpy on Sunday. Cranky cantankerous bastards, sunday sucks, not enough sleep and too much work.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Crap. That sounds like actual work. Work as in actual labor. I work at my job too, but the work is not exactly labor intensive.

How is the pay? And if / when Bush usurps power in the USA, do you think you can score me a job in the mill? I will stow away on Air Canada.

thedeviluno said...

The pay is unreal, more money than I have ever made before and yes it is actual labor work. This weekend was sweet as I am grading/sorting so I am not as sore or rather sore in different places and yes anyone that wants to work at a saw mill pretty much can.