Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Its been over Ten years since the first instalment of the Elder Scrolls appeared on store shelves. Creating a powerful nonlinear experience with vast worlds and strong backstories, these games have always been held as the paradigm of Western styled RPG's. The latest instalment is no less ambitious and the gaming world has paused for a collective sigh of relief as every Gamer with even a passing interest in RPG's spends the next two hundered hours sinking their teeth into the newest chapter of the Elderscrolls. As enticing as the gameplay and exploration is the story telling and philosophy that Bethesda has managed to inject into each episode of this epic saga.

My only question is What the frak is an Elderscroll?

The Elder Scrolls themselves are not directly featured as a plot device or in-game object in any of the existing TES games, although it is implied that Emperor Uriel Septim VII's seemingly mystical knowledge of events to come and how to effect great change with only the slightest, subtlest (and sometimes quite imponderable) interventions is due to his possession of the Elder Scrolls. In this way, they might be considered a manner of MacGuffin.

Its worth watching this video for an Idea of the gameplay.