Help Wanted: Karma

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So here I am enjoying a cup of coffee and sitting peacefuly at my computer. The day is overcast with the threat of thunder showers in the later parts of the afternoon. That does leave a small window available for me to bust out with some of what I like to call "Me Time" Generally with Me Time I like to catch up on some reading or run a few errands. Considering the obstacles I have faced earlier this week, regarding certain tasks I have undertaken, now would be an excellent time to get a few things done. The problem is I just dont 'feel' like doing anything. I know I should go to the gym and I should finish the umpteen projects I have on the go. Bathroom windows need repairs, rooms need painting, carpets need replacing, I could go on for hours just drawing up a list. I think I can blame the majority of today's laziness on the intermident weather patterns that would interupt any major outdoor project. While that does make an excellent excuse to sit inside and do nothing there is Karmatic cost in Guilt. Im a little short on Karma right now and cannot afford to spend it on Guilt. I need to earn Karma....but how? Call up an old friend? walk an old lady across the street? donate blood? Hmmm blood donation sounds like some pretty serious thick Karma. Lets see it involves sacrifice and pain and good will. I cant think of anything more selfless. Unless you consider the bragging rights. You know I can swagger around bragging to people how messiac I am. Cure the sick and all that. Yeah maybe I'll do that or maybe I'll just....Ok my buddy just called me Im going to the gym. Thank God for providence.