I hate Hornets

Monday, May 22, 2006

UNO: ok we got a situation
i went out to my shed and low and behold theres two Hornet nests.
i even checked the perimeter last weekend so these are new always a new nest in there every year
i decide its nice enough outside to get some home renos going and the Hornets interfeer
They chased me me out of the shed...like 10 of em wailing around my head
all I got is a can of raid.....that shit just makes em mad. I dont know what to like do. SO im hitting the web and the best advice is to plan an escape route. Oh lovely.


Ok i just got back from the shopping mall and they didnt have any good pesticides only crappy raid cans and mosquito and butterfly killer. So I hafta wait for tomorrow (statutory holiday today) and go to a "specialist" get some bio chemical pesiticdes worthy of my foes. Every spot i checked recomended using an exterminator and I must admit two nests is one more than I have ever had to manage and speaking from experiance a Hornet sting is the worst pain I've ever felt. Sure it wears off after a few hours but that enough to put the fear inside. I have sworn a Vendetta against these winged demons and so help me God I will smite them mightily.


Brass said...

Question is, would you rather get stung, or watch the Da Vinci Code again?

thedeviluno said...

Thats a good question, Im a get back to you on that one.

digi said...

You need this:

As soon as they sting you, simply suck out all that bad shit and move on with the killings. Awe yeaah.

The Lazy Iguana said...

All you need is a can of carb cleaner. which you get from any auto parts store. Carb cleaner squirts out in a concentrated stream, not unlike a full 6 pack beer wizz.

You can get em from a good 10 feet away.


thedeviluno said...

I decided to go with Fire. I doused a burlap sack with lighter fluid and wrapped it around a common garden rake and charged into the shed swinging my weapon wildy from side to side and the only sound beyond the demonic roar of my man made petroleum fire were the screams of the Hornets.

thedeviluno said...

Digi is that you? Where you been?

Anonymous said...

fire is the answer, i recommend oil soaked rags or (the above meantioned) carb / brake cleaner, the cleaner definately being the more enjoyable of the two, you can get a nice firey stream coming outta that pumpcan, or you can spray and then light 'em up. wear coveralls and keep the wife nearby with a blanket to throw on you and a shovel to beat out the flames if you become lit by komikazi hornets crashing & burning into you...

...there is nothing like the smell of fresh napalm in the morning but the smell of singed hornet wing runs a close second any time of the day

thedeviluno said...

Yeah I fucked up Their COuch.