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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

So I went to the gym to check out the Cynergy class which is basicly a really awesome name for Yoga. But upon learning that I would be stretching for 60mins I decided to hit the cardio and get my sweat on. Glancing up towards the "Ride" class (stationary bikes) I see my buddy LoneStar. He guestures wildly for me to join his class and I return the wave in a 'talk to the hand' kind of way. It took me an hour to carefully select the best mp3's from my collection and I wasnt about to put my music in my pocket so I could listen to corporate Golds approved muzac. I was just hitting my stride on the eliptical when the Ride Trainer accosted me and demanded my ass in class. I was unable to refuse because unlike LoneStar this fitness instructor used a logic my mind cannot defend against, she was wearing spandex. So I obediantly made my way to the special room where they teach Ride. The instructor placed me on the bike directly in front of hers and adjusted my seat for me and then she bought me a water bottle and had a lackey (read bimbo) go get it for me. Once the Muzac started and the cyclone fans were turned on I felt as though I was really on some kind of Tour de France. The intensity of the excersice was exauhsting, like right away. I really didnt think I had the endurance to get through the first track when the instructor threw down her shoulders and hunched over her bike revealing her GLORIOUS rack. I have never been motivated by the "carrot on a stick", but today I felt like if I could just peddle a little harder maybe I could catch those boobs. Its the oldest trick in the book. Ride class isnt easy but I think Im going to go get into shape.


Zanitram said...

you dirty dirty little man.

What time is the class?

b1alpha said...

aaaaah hahahah I have to say that is gonna be an image I have for a long time. YOu crack me up deviluno, thanks for the jokes. Lonestar and you are the best, doing girl classes, I dont think there is anyone else who does that in PG, and I love that feeling like you are about to get your ass kicked for doing this, but yes its worth it.