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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Canfor has transfered me from the gravy shift to the Weekday shifts.I have two weeks left on weekends then I switch to M0n- Thurs. This is kind of a good thing cause I get weekends back to do weekend stuff. The bad news is I work 4 days now instead of 3 Prolly more good than bad with 10 hourdays leaving me much more home time on my workdays. I was begining to feel a little isolated from the real world. What else hmm I have a headache and I hafta get ready to go back to the salt mine. Im also seriously considering a theme change for my blog so Im not a satanist anymore. Im taking suggestions.


The Lazy Iguana said...

How about "Entity I do not believe in Deeds".

WAIT! I got one better! Canadian Deeds Eh!

Forgive me. That one totally sucks and blows both that the same time. Ill try again.

Devil's Food Cake! There we go! You can continue to be "Devil Uno" and yet not so satanic.

On second thought, that one sucks too. I give up.

b1alpha said...
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b1alpha said...

I think a nice 2 fast 2 furious theme would go well here. some fast cars, a couple hot chics.

Zanitram said...

You are a gamer at your core.. stick to this theme.. "MY life is a game" or.. "AIR SUPPORT" or.. "MMO is teh suxor"

wow.. I'm worse than iguana..

covert.c. said...

A couple o' tips that sprung to mind when I read this.

Ditch the devil theme, it doesn't accurately reflect your persona or the content of the site.

Get your own domain name (you can still host on blogger if you do).

Suggesting a replacement theme for your site is definitely out of my area. In fact, it's out of everyone's area except yours. My thinking is that you could do a little self-examination, first by taking the top five words, phrases or concepts that you identify with the strongest. Or perhaps something that is part of your aspirations in life, your vocation, or your day-to-day existence. Whatever element you have the greatest affinity for should likely be a building block for your new theme.

From there, take that concept and apply it across your domain. Unify your site along it. From my experience, having just gone through my own site migration, I found that I was mixing metaphors a little. For example, I'd post in other forums and blogs as Kafka, then visitors would come to my site and find covert.c. It was just a casualty of the organic nature in which my webblog developed, and was likely confusing to people. This unity in messaging might be important to new visitors that don't know you. Be consistent.

I do note that you have an affinity to Conan and all that stuff. A worthy image to project. The horn you're making could make an excellent symbol of your new portrayal. You'll wear it well. :)

Carrie said...

something attracts you to the dark side....even if it's not a satanic thing, you like mystery, or to know or solve the unknown, so stay dark, but not necessarily devil, i know, i'm no help at all.

thedeviluno said...

How about Daily HorrorScope bi weekly

Carrie said...


Anonymous said...

Devils Games
playing with the devil,
what the devils playin,
im sure you get the idea