Monday, November 06, 2006

I quit my WORLDOFWARCRAFT account. I finally hit level 60 and yes I solo'd there. Nothing really cool happened after 60 I kept doing the PVP stuff and well thats when I quit. Once you hit level 60 there is no reason to play. Basicly my ideal MMORPG would involve me weilding an Axe, clad in obsidian armor mounted and on a battlesteed. I would sit outside the +1 Black Tower I built in the zone I owned and slay challengers and adorn myself with a necklace of their ears and hang the empty armor from the branches of a huge oak tree to serve both as a warning and an invitation to wage war. Games should function with Epic bosses being represented by Player characters. It would be simple to impliment and yet no one has made it yet.....hmmm. In other news I hate my computer, it wont run NWN2 Which has astonishing voice acting and plot...but without a decent rig to run it I cannot testify to the coolness of the game.


covert.c. said...

Seen on mogarmy -

"Go back to Azeroth you whining cunts."

I lol'd. WoW is the new Myspace.