Time Travel and sleep

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The relationship between linear passage through time and natural sleep states are intertwined and inseperable to the human psyche. As a child counts sleeps and an adult counts days months and years all of our measurements are formulated on that most basic notion of temporary relief from consciousness, the persistent human state. If however the normal flow of consciousness is interupted the individual may begin to slip in and out of their social environment and by placing themselves outside the realm of commerce of society will experience a poignant sense of surrealism. I will continue this study by re-arranging my sleep schedual.


Chelle said...

Surrealism eh?! I tell you what...Being one who has unwillingly "re-arranged" her sleep schedule to a rather non-existant or extremely shallow pattern; surrealism is just a dream if you will;a wish of being able to slip into a state of thought in the absence of all control ,however it is merely a faint hope in the glimmer of my pale blue eyes and sleep fades further yet, into the distance.