Where have I been? Dinlan, its an imaginary Land.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Some may have noted the lack of good solid posting's. I must apologize but I have been writing just not posting my musings aloud. Im trying to develop that story I started in Xmas the giant fairy tale thingy. Its giving me a lot more grief than I anticipated. The archetype characters in particular. The villain is to be revealed as too good to be true. Here is a small sample.

“Men of Dinlan, I am the Voice of his Majestic and most glorious Lord of the North Winds and Prince of sunlight and shadows. The Green Wizard, the Immortal and all knowing King of the Mountain. He bids me send you warm greetings. He shall astonish you with wondrous gifts to celebrate his introduction and asks only that you gracefully accept his generosity in reciprocity.”


Jamez said...

yay, a complete story by Bushalot! this is cause for celebration!!!
let me be the first to thank you

The Lazy Iguana said...

Nobody ever said creating a new universe is easy.

UNO said...

Yeah now I have like 5 unfinished stories whoopedeedooo