Main Entry: Exteel. Pronunciation: ehk \ˈstēl\

Friday, February 22, 2008

As any normal child I grew up dreaming of one day piloting my very own Robotech. Games of this nature appeal to my memories of watching animated robots defend earth from alien invasion. I have been waiting for Exteel for some time and without a whisper the game was released via the NC launcher. The game is free to install and play and from the outset looks almost too good to be true.

The hook is the micro payment format, which translates roughly to be a a small fee in exchange for a customized (optimized) robot granting special weapons or skills which can be otherwise earned through honest (free) fastidious play. I am scared for my wallet. "Will I be satisfied with spending $5 on a new cool paint job for my robot or will I also need to spend another 10-15 on a pink glowing laser sword? Where is the line between games and gambling? I am left undecided if this 'free' gift is a monkeys paw or a magic lamp.

Want the Exteel game client? God Help you.

Its available free...