Love Bites

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Diary Entry: Valentines day come and gone. I did rather well for myself, my mate provided me with the sweet nourishing chocolate that fuels my lust. In recompenses she received my continued gratitude which manifest as the dubious products of commercial expectations. The same old tired worn out red roses and pampering that seem forced down on all of us no matter the status of our love. Cupid is just as real today as he was three thousand years ago. A winged child carrying a primitive missile, graven upon porcelain or ceramic reminding us to fulfill our duties to mother nature. The poetic symbolism of a young child uniting lovers is certainly not lost. Speculation on his actual location or existence, astral or corporeal are utterly futile for his voice is heard clearly, spoken through the mouth of a thousand golden idols. We are told to secure a partner and that being accomplished spoil and appreciate our partner. Virility all joy and wealth flows from the sacred fountain of a blessed union between two persons. So whether I was shot by cupid or controlled by media savvy advertising firms that can get inside your head and exploit the most vulnerable parts of your psyche, it makes no difference. I fear God, even if he is only 3feet tall and carrying a weak ass bow and arrow. I learned long ago, very small creatures are capable of unleashing disproportionate amounts of pain.