Spring Heeled Jack

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring melt is a slow subdued affair. The snow dissolves to reveal seven months of salt and dirt smeared on the streets and gutters. The storm drains begin to gurgle and belch as the sky surrenders a symphonic squall enhancing the scene. Strong forces of nature, long dormant, resurrect the seed and spore seeped in soil and slime. Life slowly awakens from its slumber and a thousand feet shuffle and surge towards sunlight, reaching for that golden promise of glory and ascend the slender stairway to the stars.


hotgurl_i said...

FYI: seeds dont have feet

The Devil Uno said...

What the fuck are roots then?

Anonymous said...

Touche ... you are the smart one ... mmm and so eloquently woven are the words you use to paint your premise as winter ebbs and spring is born. So let us then talk of the unacceptable amount of fecal matter that has accumulated over the cold months, and the oh so very putrid manner in which it thaws, gradually bestowing the foul nature of its odor upon the world. Mmmm shall we talk of that? Or is it perhaps in poor taste ... to speak of the completely racid nature of suspiciously human scat offerings that litter the downtown areas? i think that people should have a temporary lapse of smell during the first thawing process.
from the wastelands