Maya DoomsDay 2012

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Maya are one of the most provocotive cultures from ancient Mesoamerica. They captured the imagination with their sophiticated architecture, mathematics and also with some less savory stygian rituals of human sacrifice and prophecy. All Empires and religions have a Doomsday but the Maya circled it on their calendar.


The Lazy Iguana said...

I went to Mexico and saw some real Mayan ruins. At Tulum. No pyramids, it was a lesser city. Just some temples and the foundations of other buildings.

The Mayan doomsday is 4 years from now. Think that means McCain wins this year??

The Devil Uno said...

The picture links to a documentary discussing some bizare and ominous prophecy. Its worse than McBush.

Dre said...

I'm curious after watchinng this, What do you think?

Zanitram said...

I went to the mayan ruins in tulum as well... I don't like to talk about it much though. Well.. for posterity's sake I'll tell.
I was wandering along the ocean enjoying the massive accomplishments the mayan's completed long ago when I was sucked into a pyramid and well.. They ate half my brain.
So I think by 2012 they will have enough brain power to carry out the prophecy.
Either that or the plants will kill us. One of the two.

Anonymous said...

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