Universalis Continus

Monday, September 15, 2008

School is intense. The brightest minds of a generation converge on intitutions of higher learning to become master of art and science. The university was designed by some crazy sci-fi loving motherfucker and when I said 'brightest minds' what I meant was 'pop collared douchebags'. The combined result makes for a sureal dream like experience. I feel just like Encino Man.

Thawed out after a million years and sent off to learn how to "fit in" I had my first quiz today in English class. It was one multiple choice question and I failed, after attending every class and doing the required reading. It turns out my Proffessor is a fucking tricky son of a bitch and I gotta keep a closer eye on him. University deals in absolutes and I do not. So it is hard to take my instructors seriously when they say that love is a human emotion and not experienced by animals.Who would say something so retarded? The good Dr. was wrong on every count of his assertions. I have come to the conclusion that I am now in some kind of time space warp outside the normal flow of our Universe. A dim twighlight zone where the ordinary laws of rational thought and order somehow produce great achievements in our society. Just like some evil Maya cult of death worship; its best not to argue with the leadership. Success isnt about being right, its about being on the right side.

Look at this place! Its like some kind of fucking spaceship! I feel awe inspired and afraid of alien probes all at the same time.


covert.c said...

Post the quiz.

University doesn't deal in absolutes. It's a seething continuum of greys and beiges, and wholly subject to the whims of the person who is stamping your forehead.

Daren said...
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Anonymous said...

Dude, if we get bstyle University will be off the CHAIN!