2nd Sequester

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Im reading Shakespear and stuff. I guess every gradeschool kid does this sort of thing but I somehow managed to avoid a classical education by virtue of the poor quality institutions available in my city. Which is not to say that I did not have good teachers, there were some few who presented crucial lessons but too few. I relish the choosing of what I learn. The Bard said it first better.
"You taught me language; and my profit on'tIs, I know how to curse: the red plague rid you,For learning me your language."
The Tempest, 1. 2


Anonymous said...

I read lots of shakespeare in highschool. I read some on my own as well. We went to the same highschool. Maybe by virtue of a poor attitude?

hotgurl_i said...

Shakespeare has a poor attitude, maybe you all share this virtue and thats why you like eachother. You book readers, you make me sick.

The Devil Uno said...

You sonofabitch. Respect the greybeards!!!!

david said...

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