Saturday, September 26, 2009


Subtitles: laza·retto (laz′ə retō)

noun pl. lazarettos -·tos

  1. a public hospital for poor people having contagious diseases, esp. for lepers

Authors Note:

I suggest wherever possible to make use of hardware that may compliment any special effects employed in the editing room for example: Any live action firefight should be accompanied by a plethora of low budget firecrackers and bright flashing lights. Any dialogue that is delivered should be a modest performance of the actors ability and delivered natural if at all possible. Dubbing and or voice modification would be prefferable to the roll of villain.Please

Camera opens to Dirt Road. Zoom to cricket singing on side of road. A moment of calm as wind stirs grass and tree's. Wind sound builds to cresecendo as camera pulls out a motorcycle roars past frame.Cut to elevated high angle shot of black motorcycle with helmeted Solidus. Cut to Tight Shot of Soliduss face as a blasted Landscape rushes behind at 4x speed normal creating a blurring effect Solidus is wearing goggles and appears clean and crisp in a well pressed uniform. Sound consists of loud engine and whoosing wind noise. Solidus is filmed at double speed to convey irregular movement as time lapse. Sun Rises behind silouette of Solidus in time lapse and then quickly sinks into horizon as moon rises camera fades to black & Titles.


The words Danger: Restricted Area are spray painted in large bold stencils to look official. Just under the large bold print is a smaller fine print. No access beyond this point. Large yellow and black stripped stockades and pylons flash and blink in the darkness illuminated only by the large bright Signpost.

The Solidus dismounts his cycle and moving in a rushed yet deliberate pace reaches into his saddle bags and produces an arsenal of equipment and weapons. Cut to Medium// standard shot. Solidus secures belts and harnesses and slips a large dark CLOAK and Hood overtop of his leather riding gear. Solidus removes pistols from saddle bags and holsters weapons to chest and leg. Large Shiny Badge on left chest.
Solidus reaches over and removes unusually long rifle with ridiculously large scope. Solidus shoulders rifle with ease running hand over barrel stock and making adjustments to the scope with dialing motions before finally loading a shell loudly and locking the bolt in place. Solidus unstraps large duffel bag from behind motorcycle and turns to face camera. Thick Fog backlit by bright security lighting. Solidus equips gas mask and sound of medical air can be heard flowing.

Solidus places hand to temple
Solidus : I'm in position.
Radio squelching produces loud noises.
Solidus Taps head and signal comes in clear.
CorporateHQ: Administrative Operation, Corporate AUDIT Multiple subjects.
***Squelching***..considered dangerous. Tactical use of deadly force has been advised, please verify.

Solidus : tactical deadly force.

CorporateHQ: Confirmation Verified. Thank you and good luck hunting Commander Solidus.

Solidus : Affirmative.


The softwood forest is carpeted with fine red needles from pine and spruce. The root system weaving its way across the sandy soil marking a treacherous hazard with snags and snares running the gambit.

The trail from the lot descends to a look out point on the edge of the tallest hill, indeed the entire park rests along this ridge. With a magnificent panoramic view of the blue hills and behind those, white capped mountains some thousand leagues distant. Beneath the edge of the cliff lies the cold rushing waters of an ancient and furious river, surging and tearing at the soil and rocks some fifty feet below.

Solidus Moves down the trail crouched low and scanning peripherials with long barreled weapon. Time lapes type here -Brennon Obst 9/25/09 9:56 PM

Until Floodlights and AirHorn sound. Solidus sheilds his face with an arm, raising his rifle into the air in a sign of surrender.


Half a dozen figures stand blocking the trail near a derelict vehicle. Campfire & tents + tarps. They are partially shrouded in shadows but appear to be wearing emergency rain slickers and brandish weapons, pistols, machetes. They have a paramilitary look and various tech gadgets in their costumes. The leader speaks using a megaphone.

Leader: Thats far enough Commander, Turn around and leave and you will not be harmed. Your governing corporation has no authority here.

Solidus : I will leave ...immediately after I carry out my mandate.

Leader: I am displeased to hear that. The last job they sent said the same thing, as did the Ghoul before him, so I caution you to please turn around and leave peacefully. I know it seems you came an awful distance to meet failure but better that than your maker.

Solidus : I am obligated by Law to enforce the quarantine and thereby census any and all contaminated within the perimeter of this containment and furthermore I have been advised to use deadly force should said individuals fail to recognize my commision.

Leader: Oh its a CENSUS now? Slow cynical laughter.The company sent you here to die. You think you can manage a couple of quarantines. You are mistaken, these are my lands and my brigade can more than maintain our sovereignty. I am giving you a chance to live, just turn around and leave. The company can farm another fool. I promise you, we will bury your body in the graveyard for the ghouls.


The Solidus seems to be making a decision before loudly cocking his weapon and the mob opens fire in response.


The Solidus takes evasive action shouldering his weapon and letting off a volley of shots in a wide arc, sending one enemy combatant spinning through the air while the rest run for cover.



Lights Flare from Muzzle fire as fire crackers and whirly birds fly in either direction. The Solidus takes shelter from the mob behind a large tree as bullets whiz past loudly. One Enemy swings a machete in slow mo towards the Solidus's head to be evaded and lodged into tree trunk and before the Solidus can train his long gun he is kicked in the knee and drops his rifle to draw a pistol and shoot the combatant in the head. Spinning around the Solidus just has enough time to shoot a third soldier before glancing over his shoulder to see ten more guerrillas (backlit) standing shoulder to shoulder in rain slickers carrying rifles with helmets n stuff!

Solidus touches his temple

Solidus : Overwhelming odds. Requesting air support to sat nav cords.

CorporateHQ: Negative Commander. Air support is denied.

Solidus : Strategic retreat may not be possible. I require reinforcements.

CorporateHQ: Request denied. Fall Back & Rendezvous with Advanced Patrol @ Nav Point Epsilon.

Solidus: Affirmative HQ

The Solidus hyperventilates before drawing out a second pistol and dashing out from cover runs and guns to jump down behind a small rise in the ground as small ricochets sound out and the zips and zings of near misses rain down on the cover. The Militia can be seen flanking the Soliduss position. The Solidus jumps out from cover to unleash a barrage of gun fire.
Camera PoV: Solidus Screaming a mighty War Cry, Firing a pistol from each hand in a heroic kamikaze death charge, as Militia soldiers fall under the savage assault. Camera fades to white.


Fade in from white, FOG birds chirping. The forest is empty save a small patrol of Soldiers' sharing the same face and uniform.( CLONES) The leader kneels down to retrieve spent shell casing.

Camera Pulls Back to reveal no corpses surrounding the soldiers.

Ritualistic Graveyard//Cemetary
ZOOM to Fresh Grave