Saturday, June 11, 2005

The demo for the sequel to one of the greatest FPS games ever made, is now available. I will be devoting much of my free time to the pursuit of happiness pictured above.


b1alpha said...

I tried to intsll this game but like every time i run the .exe it just crapps out. I have an nvidia card and they had the games own special updates for that and this game also updated my dx so its all how its suppose to be and it just crashes out.

Piece of crap

thedeviluno said...

Welcome to the world of PC gaming. Who knows maybe soon we will all be gaming on Xbox360 systems or PS3's but until the day good games come out on console we PC gamers gotta suffer on knowing that we know almost as much about programming as the fuckers making the games. Now I happen to know you a resourceful monkey B1. Go hit some help forums or someshit like that.
that will answer your questions regarding min specs Dx-versions and everything else you know but are too lazy to do yourself.