Fire Spawn

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Skinny-meaner looking Bstyle..still a rough cut/ work in progress, im having trouble getting the fire hair just right...also the eyes arent beady enough, I extended his mouth a full 6 eye teeth which might be a little too many too, but its way too late so im gonna fix it later. I think a little color would go a long ways but it might lose its Iconic effect. All in all i would say this is a pretty weak peice with potential.


lynze83 said...

Did you do this with your mouse too?

thedeviluno said...

well yes but i cheated big time, I applied a filter to a portait i had taken with my digital camera. I then "pushed" the image around to produce the horns and fire. So this is digital photography more than a freestyle sketch..well a little of both really.

b1alpha said...

Oh nice eye teeth cool I need those for my new atkins diet looks like its working, nice job