Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I died in sin and forthwith went to Hell;
I made myself at home upon the coals
Where seas of flame break on the cinder shoals.
Till Satan came and said with angry yell,
"You there – divulge what route by which you fell."
"I spent my youth among the flowing bowls,
"Wasted my life with women of dark souls,
"Died brothel-fighting – drunk on muscatel."

Said he, "My friend, you’ve been directed wrong:
"You’ve naught to recommend you for our feasts –
"Like factory owners, brokers, elders, priests;
"The air for you! This place is for the wrong!"
Then as I pondered, minded to rebel,
He laughed and forthwith kicked me out of Hell.

-Robert E. Howard


Tan Lucy Pez said...

I like this. Not sure why. Doesn't matter. I like it.

BTW, man, you are older than dirt!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, the devil ahh yes he is nasty that one. I reckon its time to post some of your poetry ill start with this one.

She slept all day and the night too
and we talked for hours just about the orientation of her retardation but the answers we never knew then one day she spoke with such clever wit that I knew she was crazy right threw so I put in my note and off with a bolt I threw off my old shoe and bought something new