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Sunday, August 28, 2005

I previously collaberated with a friend on a small independant film. We were ghost writers trying to franticly make sense of a weak script we were handed. I participated in other areas as well co-ordinating the rehearsals and so forth. We slaved, my friend and I over this script for a month then a week into shooting I was promptly fired. I was relieved to be let go due to the nightmarish schedual and unrealistic goals the producers had set for the film. Being that I was the only person who had been involved in any kind of theatrical production I have seen my fair share of gong shows and that one takes the cake.

I was paid out and satisfied to have contributed on some level to the arts. Two years later my ghost writer friend has written a script and handed it to me for the dreaded job of editing. Much like in ancient Japan when a samurai was dishonored he would select from his friends someone to perform the ritual beheading. The poor bastard who got stuck with that job would receive neither honor nor accolades and to make a mistake would be terrible. So like the samurai I have been chosen to emotionally behead my friend.

It has been painstaking but I am near completing this goliath task. Along the way I have learned a few new words and experienced a kind of journey. It was not easy, a rough draft can be like rubbing your eyes with sandpaper. It is almost always worth reading however; no matter who wrote it. Story telling is an ancient and proud tradition that I honor. I know the rules of english and generally choose to ignore them on my blog as I consider it a journal for myself and not a job, hell I dont even use the spell checker.

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bo·de·ga Audio pronunciation of "bodega" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (b-dg)
  1. A small grocery store, sometimes combined with a wineshop, in certain Hispanic communities.
  2. A warehouse for the storage of wine.

[Spanish, from Latin apothca, storehouse. See apothecary.]