Fett's 'Vette

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

MC Chris


My backpack's got jets
I'm boba the fett
I bounty hunt for jaba hut
To finance my vette
I chill in deep space
A mask is over my face
I deliver the prize but I still narrow my eyes
Cuz my time I don't like to waste.
Get down

The Legend


K-Prime said...

I am officially hooked. That song is the mad shit, yo!

thedeviluno said...

I love it too

gadget said...


b1alpha said...

Clicky cllicky guess who is getting nooky, not bush he is writtn blogs and dissn boss hogs. Whats that you dont like my rap well you best get up and check ya skills because im gonna come by your house with my new drills straight from the army camp and bust out a suvival pack and laugh as my camoflauge skills and takes your snack for my pills you push for me on the street now you is a hoe and your bitch might just leave you but i got a sequal to the little movie that mason made where she gets laid with all the boys and dont get paid, we just laugh and I still take your snack, but i migth give you half. So you betta move on and write a little come back song that will take the taste out of your mouth that you got from us in the south, northern fools you all got to stop writn drools. I take ya out of town and while ya gone burn your houses down like we did to digi and he still cant hit me, hard as nails I got my teeth still nicer than mellisa, good thing i dont have to kiss er because they all must envy me, i dont pay be more perfect than the dentists can make me, its naturally, fakeah you just got snowed, I just stole your hoe your all bitches go on scream for more rap tunes from the blog spot last time you got hit in any spot, dont talk back ill massacure your legs on the message table.

b1alpha said...

well i messed up a few times but it almost rhymes, check your own skills and rap oppose me pussies.

b1alpha said...

Anyone can rap better than that

thedeviluno said...

damn nice rap

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