Land Owner

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Well it's been a few weeks since I mowed my lawn. I started cutting the grass around the age of 10 and here we are nearly 30 and still pushing the damn mower. Well I blew a tire off the lawnmower last time I was mowing and I have no one to blame as I assembled the twice cursed machine. So I kept meaning to go to the hardware store and buy some nuts but never did until today I decided to hit up the Father-in-law. The wifes familly lives across the street from me and I mentioned the neighbors might be thinking I'm lazy if I dont get that grass cut. He fixed me up with some *Lock Tight *(Glue) and the necessary parts to repair the busted wheel. I worked up a real good sweat pushing the mower over the nearly 1foot tall jungle of clover I call a lawn. I even managed to forget a large patch of grass beside my living room window. Meh I was too damn tired to go back and fix it...nice thing about grass is it just keeps growing. Besides my neighbor just ripped all the sod off his front lawn so I figure im in good shape. I still want to plant corn in my front yard, is that so weird? at least I wouldnt have to mow the fucker and I get good eats at the same time. Its good to have land.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Why even bother to mow the lawn? It will be snowing soon. Your lawn season ends, mine never does. The stupid grass grows year round here.

I have tried to do all sorts of stuff to avoid having to mow the lawn. Here are just a few

1. Having the yard declared a wildlife refuge by doing EVERYTHING I could to get burrowing owls to take up residence.

2. Lawn sabotoge. Nothing kills grass in Florida.

3. Ignoring it. You know, ignore stuff and they go sway. This did not work.

4. Attempting to replant the lawn with plants that are short and grow very slowly. There is no such plant.

5. Paving the yard in and painting the concrete green. This would be expensive and probably make it hotter.

Currently, I am researching the possibility of fencing in the yard and getting a goat named Moe. Or maybe a sheep named Moe. The important thing is that Moe, whatever it is, eats a lot of grass.

fang said...

thats why they invented the teenager and the minimum wage. make us of both and watch the results.

digi said...

I love the corn idea.