Reporting Live

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Comin' at ya real time from the sunny south of good ol' BC.

Here's how the day went.

Woke up

All you can eat sushi (and the after all you can eat picture)

Clothes Shopping.

Beer Beer Patio Beer

Walking along the beach I saw two odd things.

First, a local crazy lady talking about birds and picking up pretty things off the ground.

Last but not least, molested by one of the infamous Davie St. Gays


Zanitram said...

Is that local walking on glass in bare feet??

K-Prime said...

well I WAS jealous until I saw that crazy local picking stuff up. She looks freaky. I bet she smells funny, too.

thedeviluno said...

looks like fun you lucky bastard...wish I could go on a vacation like you and stay with the gay guy and his hot female roomate.

Carrie said...

awesomerad! i used to live at davie and i know the Davie St.

is that English Bay?