Tuesday, October 25, 2005

With Friendster, you can:

Keep tabs on friends from across the street or across the country.
Reconnect with old roommates, classmates, or bedmates.
Meet friends of friends, endorsed with testimonials.
Post up to 25 photos, start a blog, give a heads-up about upcoming events, and much more!

Ok so most of my friends are on friendster. For those that arent you should join because it is yet another way to waste time on the internet. My favorite part of friendster is adding testimonials to my friends, its like a letter of recomendation between friends. Speaking of which, I only have one testimonial, so you guys better send me some more!!! I wrote a testimonial for Digi which was so awesome and went something like poetry. I compared him to the foamy crest of a wave and something about infinity. Anyways thats the kind of testimonial I expect. Say something like ...Bryce is cooler than the fonz in an icebox or something sweeet like that.


B said...

been on there since 2003... got sucked in by a friend too... it's like an unavoidable hole in the internet everyone eventually falls in.