Friday, November 18, 2005

Yeah I shoveled the driveway. It was winter. There was a blizzard. We were buried in snow and then today it all melted. Its quite lovelurly outside. My snowman looks more like a ravaged undead zombie. The coal has sunken to create hollow ocular cavities. I was happy to see the million dirty filthy muddy leaves under a blanket of thick white carpet. But oh no, the leaves are back but worse they are covered in a glaze of ice. So nature mocks me . WOrk hard rake leaves into piles, shovel driveway, vacum mudroom, mop, rinse repeat. I wish I lived waaay South like way damn south where leaves dont die. Does florida have seasons? I need to retire and start playing lawn darts and horseshoes. Get a real big sun visor and start drinking lemonade. Its gotta be better than being half eskimoe all barbarian. Survival isnt a skill in Canada its a law. The flu season started Nov4th the last time I went to the gym. I am only now slowly regaining my strength. The coughing doesnt rack my body in severe pain. The death rattle doesnt attract crows to my house anymore. The murder has fled the coop.

I dont have any idea what this picture is but it was weird so I slapped it up here for asthetics.


Darth Forehand said...

I think it's a chicken crossbred with a tyrannosaurus rex. It's a Chickanosaur, and it's pretty much the sweetest animal ever.

The Lazy Iguana said...

Florida has seasons. Hurricane season, and snowbird season. I think the snowbirds come from frozen places, but they leave when hurricane season starts. They are also old enugh to remember The Crusades.

Anyway, while you were knee deep in snow, I was out on my boat. Getting rained on and stuff.

Anonymous said...

i want a blizzard too!
it hasn't even snowed here yet....stinkin T-Dot.