I can see my house from here

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The lush hills I call home. This land creates warriors. Inside the ancient forest's lurk all manner of forgotten creatures, savage wild cats and grizzly bears. Fur, claw and fang rule this valley. Overun with wild Werewolves and all kinds of horrific beasts. I was forged in this crucible of untamed wilderness, my steel tempered by the mighty Frasier River and my razor sharp edge honed by the Rocky Mountains. You can find me where the two rivers meet, then go West about six kilometers. There you will find me, drinking ale from a horn, sitting in front of a roaring fire. My latest kill roasting on the flames.


Kafka said...

Somehow I think that picture is all white right now. Brrrr! ;-)

Zanitram said...

The putrecence of your vulgarity draws me in, the anti-logical pull of things undesireable consume my being. It overtakes my every waking thought and freakish nightmares, leaving me a hollow shell of remnant memories.

Anonymous said...

what is this gibberish?

Brass said...

I toast your kill brother!

Upon my return, from my crusade to the south, we will have the women forge armor from the scalps I shall return with.

What a fiersome sight it will be to share a look with us!

Prepare your battle gear, they may follow my return with anger and vengeance on their minds.

The Fools.

b1alpha said...

so lush... obviously taken in the middle of summer..