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Monday, March 13, 2006

I used to laugh at UFO freaks, because after all isnt seeing a UFO like having a third nipple? Strange and abnormal?

....Imagine for a moment growing a third nipple. I actually saw a Flying Saucer during a BBQ several years ago, with a small gathering of friends late one night outside my house. What we witnessed was a disc visible only by the absence of light in an eliptical shape. The perimeter of the disc had pin-holes of bright white light and I can only guess at the size due to the lack of landmarks in the sky, but the collective opinion seems to be somewhere around 100-200meters in diameter.

When I first spotted the disc I could not understand what I was looking at. The eye must associate what it sees with what the brain knows (optics) and so I would have never reconsidered the matter had the UFO not passed directly over my house. At first from a distance of several miles it appeared to be a flock of white birds heading south. Hardly uncommon, as it slowly drew closer to me I thought maybe I was looking at some kind of helicopter.(I had by now alerted my guests to the event) Once it was on top of us we could see that what had been mistaken for white geese migrating was a ring of bright white lights slowly rotating just enough to make out a sillouhette of the disc against the nightsky, nobody could speak.
My small gathering of friends had become a herd of deer in front of headlights.
Certainly a once in a lifetime experience. I immediatly called the first aeronautical authority I could think of and the airport laughed at me and the laughter hasnt stopped since and I'm getting used to it. You cant talk about a stealth spaceship of alien design without people labelling you a crackpot and why not? Isn't it easier to believe that thousands of eye witnesses are fools or madmen? As a rational individual I would attempt to discredit these accounts through ridicule and mockery. My grandfather, while serving with RCMP, once told me of the time he had seen a UFO suspended above the harbour of Prince Rupert B.C. for several hours during the nineteen fifties and lets just say I owe grampa a real big apology. I keep my eyes on the sky now.
I'll post the eyewitness photos of similar craft as soon as blogspot starts working. If the Men in black or Greys or fucking Spooks let me, seriously.


The Lazy Iguana said...

I think that maybe your new kitten infected you with "cat scratch fever" or something.

But seriously, too many people have reported strange objects in the sky to just write them ALL off. Aliens? Top secret military stuff? Who knows. My money would be on top secret military stuff, the universe is just too vast for aliens to get too bogged down with one blue mudball in space.

thedeviluno said...

One word....Tourism!

Anonymous said...

i was there and i remember the night... those strange lights in the sky, the smell of BK wafting through the air & the yelps and exclamations at what was being seen. years later ive made no progress in explaining the experience and now dont expect to.