Gang aft agley

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My fishing trip done got canceled on me. This type of happens all the time. Making plans got things on the go and then poof its gone. So back up schemes are always necessary and I have a few. Raking the yard and going shopping and so forth. I have been playing a lot of Oblivion and as the name implies my attenions have not been coalescent. The snow has almost entirely melted to reveal a TON of leaves that I did not manage to sucessfully rake up over the fall. This has come as quite a blow to my psyche as I must have hauled off two truck loads of leaves. I really never considered how much foliage those fucking trees have. Of course I considered burning the shit right on the spot because bagging it and dragging it diminishes my will to live. I have considered composting but havent got the cojones yet to start messing with biotoxic waste as food fertilizer. I will have to perform some research on it no doubt it will amount to little more than the most rudimentary common sense possesed of by a greater portion of my fellow sapiens. Don't shit where you eat.


b1alpha said...

Hrm.. sounds good. get out there its 1C today! haha

Brass said...

You planned a fishing trip..


You are the reason the weather is bad

You douche.



thedeviluno said...

I can hardly be blamed for the spring monsoon. It is not personal destiny but the motion of the cosmos that predicts weather. I think we all know that Saturn is in the House of Mars wich converged with Uranus to make the weather shitty.

Anonymous said...

dood, its your fault.

Anonymous said...

composting is a simple and fun way of taking care of the unwanted left overs of your back yard. Im sure you love raking the lawn after a good Mow... i know i do... and then what do you do with it after??? you get a Black container... a big black container, put it into the corner of your back yard, and then put the leaves, mulch, coffee grounds, egg shells, all the plant matter and anything else, as long as it doesnt rot.. and within a few season you have some good solid soil...
then you get a farm, or turn your back yard into the Bushell Organics vegetable stand :D I bet your veggies would be waaaaay more organic than Walmart ;)
Ask your Dre Master... cause Im a gardening Phenom!