Hot House

Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm gearing up for planting season. I have purchased a wide selection of seeds. Last year was my first attempt at playing the gardener and I must say waging a battle against our mother nature has been at the very least deeply satisfying. You see it is our Earth Mothers fondest wish for a perfect order that resembles total chaos to the human psyche. There are many awe inspiring geographical and vegetative phenomenon; however the world consists of mostly savage, untamed wilderness, lurking with all manner of poisonous insects, large fanged ferocious furry creatures and microscopic plague bearing Gods of disease.

It is with some irony then that Nature's greatest opponent is also her weakest of children. The smallest scratch against our tender flesh produces pain and if left untreated a slow decent into disease and death. Our harsh history has turned our collective mind to the task of revenge and matricide. From my ancestors crucible of suffering to the glorious garden of Eden in my backyard. We will pave planet earth and eat every species handed a better deal than ourselves. I will raze the countryside this summer but rather than salt the earth I will fertilize and selectivley unleash all delicious food bounty upon my palette. Strawberries,raspberries, corn, peas, carrots, edibles of all varieties and gorgeous flowers of varying odor's and all color co-ordinated to suit my exquisite tastes.

My eyes will no longer be assaulted by the seemingly sheer randomness of local vegetation. I will landscape and garden a better world, I will spit in the eye of God and laugh myself to death at an old age having comfortably lived beyond what was intended. Rage has taught our race to survive and rage will plant my garden.


Anonymous said...

so ya building a hotbox or what? have breakfast off the hotplate, your veggies grown in the hotbox & your wife wearin the hotpants. aye, the hotpants

thedeviluno said...

Aye the precious cargo of the HotPants.

The Lazy Iguana said...

I am too lazy to plant stuff.

Anonymous said...

planting seeds is easier than littering.