Turbo Charger

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Devil Rides Again. See the way my hand is touching it? That is pure Love. I'm stroking the V6 Turbo Charged Engine. I got a magic carpet now watch me Hoooya!! Slide slide slippity slide.


Anonymous said...

sweet...dude. but i thought you swore off isuzu? mas

b1alpha said...

that is a fucking sweet ride!

thedeviluno said...

I swear off a lot of things Mas. I swear off at random jerks and anyone that gets in my way.

Anonymous said...


The Lazy Iguana said...

Nice ride. Turbo huh? I have considered getting the Toyota factory supercharger for my Tacoma.

If I get the supercharger and the 7th injector Ill take a trip to Canada and we can line em up.

thedeviluno said...

A man builds a city

With banks and cathedrals

A man melts the sand so he can

See the world outside You're gonna meet her there

A man makes a car She's your destination

And builds roads to run them on You gotta get to her

A man dreams of leaving She's imagination

But he always stays behind