Technical Difficulty

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Ok so I have made attempts to blog but these attempts were foiled by server downtime on Bloggers end. As for my truck, well it has made a triumphant return. The thieves didnt get more than half a kilometer before my noble steed rebelled against its foul oppressors. It knew who its rightful owner was and left the thieves stranded deep inside a muddy bog. The naves did inflict some abuse on my ride, mostly minor cosmetic damage; but because its an import the wait time on the necessary parts is longer than expected, a lot longer. Three weeks at the inside Six weeks on the outside. In six weeks I could recruit some sherpas, climb mount everest and be back in time to install the new ignition. Luckily I am patient which is virtuous and of particular use in just these scenarios. So I learned a costly but important life lesson. Insurance is expensive because it is worth it, a cheap GPS retails for 599 ( roughly the price of the new Sony Playstation ) With a GPS tracking device on my truck I could start Hunting thieves for sport. The assholes didnt even steal my stereo they stole the friggin STICKERS.....they stole my ride for 10 dollars in stickers. My tastes are almost too sophisticated and certainly exquisite. To sum up my things to do list looks like this.
Buy Better Stickers.
Buy insanely good Insurance.
Buy GPS.
Buy thumbscrews.
Install new ignition.
Focus rage into a razor sharp edge.
Release when appropriate.


The Lazy Iguana said...

They lifted your ride for some stickers? Did someone make auto theft part of the Special Olympics or something??

Anonymous said...

You're friggin' hilarious guy...I was laughing so hard I'm sure my roomates thought I was having some sort of foamless seizure. I'ma go relax my stomach muscles now before I get a permanent gut-charley-horse..maybe wipe away the tears too...see you at work. Or no, golfing, cuz I'll huck a board at your head if you don't come.

Anonymous said...

smartass here didn't leave her name on the last comment...yeah, right on.


thedeviluno said...

Im used to cowards posting anon.