Bush on Global Warming

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


DredoOooOo said...

its like watching the real thing....

"Commander and Cheif of the World"

LOL Will Ferrell Rocks

Liberals and Godless Taxpayers Using "Facts"
LOL Awesome

The Lazy Iguana said...

Sadly, the comedian said more about global warming than the real President.

Anonymous said...

is there any money to be made in global warming?

desparado said...

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thedeviluno said...

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Anonymous said...

DESPARATE DESPARADO. you've a shit blog so quit fucking advertizing.

Anonymous said...

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whiteorwheat said...

by the way, desparado... youre just a little, umm fake?

desparado said...

hola guys,
first of all sorry for the advertising.
next i'm not a girl.trust me.
next.i'm full of contradictions as you guys have pointed out rightly.that's correct.my mind is messed up.remember?
then i usually blog when i get depressed.so only shit is present.
finally thank you all for being honest guys.I appreciate it.A slap in a face is what i need sometimes to keep me going.

desparado said...

oh and that orgy stuff.that was way back in 2004 when i created my profile and my brain was functioning normal.hehehe.
hope you guys will continue reading the junk i write.

desparado said...

and i'm sorry "thedeviluno"
i'm not a SUPER HOT CHIC.:(
one might just help me out.

Anonymous said...

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