This Horn I will raise

Friday, August 11, 2006

So pottery update. I got down to the studio and I busted out some fat rhymes on my mp3 and I made some coffee and like Im all alone in the zone this big ass studio with all these crazy new tools and I got this plan, no its a vision....I will create a Rams Horn Goblet thingy....and yes I will raise it to Gods I neither worship nor believe in and I will drink heavily from my "special" cup maybe spill a little down the front of my shirt in a barbaric show of consumption. Oh yes it shall be good. I get out the garrott wire and I cut a nice slab from my 40lbs of white clay. I create a large 1.5' long Horn I start adding a little more water to my hands to extend the supple clay and thats when I ruined it. My mighty Thors Horn of Clay melted into memory. I hafta work two more days before I can make a second attempt at greatness. I have a better plan, less water.


The Lazy Iguana said...

That totally sucks dude. And here I was, reading your post, thinking to myself that I had found an excuse to raid my left over from vacation booze collection for some long distance drinking in honor of the clay thing.

Oh well.

b1alpha said...

That is just an fantastic exercise of your talents. I can see it now, you just listening to NIN up in the pottery guild, artistic invisible (yet blue) energy fields surrounding and exploding from the circular turn table. You are building classic pieces of our history to come, and current enjoyable life enriching mugs for our pleasure of all kinds. I think it is so good, I will spend my own time finding you jewels to embed in this collection you are assembling.