E-Sport meets MeatSport

Friday, September 08, 2006

National Geographic did this thing on Pro Gamers. Culture is big in the East. Asia has embraced both its traditional values while keeping pace with western consumerism. Korea has some 37million people with access to broadband internet and has four seperate 24hour gaming channels on television.

These networks generaly follow the major games tournaments and career statistics of its um athletes? The number one kid wizard was encouraged to give up gaming by receiving regular beatings by his mother, with a cane. He cited her as his inspiration after his first major tournament victory. The kid makes Six Figures and has a legion of female fans.

"Every aspect of Western society has become tainted with senility; built upon the fallacious foundations of conservative philosophy."

Back in the West culture has become obnoxious and contemptable. The masses continue to worship the participants of more physical sports, 'MeatSports' if you will. I have witnessed the steady erosion of this hallowed institution, the dissolutionment of fans as their favorite icons testify to drug abuse and refuse to participate in games while industry lawyers re-negotiate multi-million dollar salaries. There is no sympathy for players from fans no empathy for team owners.

My grandfathers baseball teams do not fill me with wonder and awe. There is no magic left in beating leather with sticks or kicking cans. No joy from watching millionaires sweat. Every aspect of Western society has become tainted with senility; built upon the fallacious foundations of conservative philosophy. West now looks East for its cutting edge cultures and rapidly growing economy. Much as a Zombie must feed on the flesh of the living, the apocolyptic thirst for raw brains fueling its unlife.


thedeviluno said...

I bolded the phrase i love the most.

thedeviluno said...

Like it could be some uber cool quote that I would Clip from the article and embolden....ooh im gonna do that it sounds racey and exciting.

thedeviluno said...

i need my own underground pamphlet press... very counter culture.

Darth Forehand said...

At our next Manditory Family Gathering (TM) we will have to discuss these ideas.

b1alpha said...

oh deviluno, that underground talk is fantastic. If I could only wrap my big zombified barbarian brain around those video games in korea, I would move there and take part... alas, I will have to remain in physical dominance so that when are compared on the battlefield, I will crush their weak framed bodies under my massive skull and face.