You down with AGP?

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ya you know me, every few years I gotta upgrade my computer. Its like a kick in the balls. My brain has been hurting me for a week, ever since I bought NWN2. Yeah its a resource Hog my computer can limp along and shoulder the burden of weaksauce GrFX settings. But I want total immersion so Im moving on up to PCI-Express! wow what a cool sounding reason to waste my money. Sounds like a long distance plan. Its actually a technical term for the thing that the other thing plugs into. So they made a different kind of hole to plug things into and I gotta spend money, on a new hole (like I didnt have enough).


covert.c. said...

Sweet. You'll be able to NWN2 with us.

Then, all you need is SLI and you're set for gaming goodness.

Scribe of Light said...

Oh and contrary to many reviews im lovin NWN2

covert.c. said...

Good graphics or bad, I don't care. I want co-op gaming, and I want it right now.