Giant Robots

Monday, January 22, 2007

So I booked my holidays and smart thing too, cause I got a cold. Not the kind of cold where you are incapacitated, the kind that makes you miserable and cantankerous. But all was not lost as there are some exciting things to do when suffering major cabin fever and chewing finger-nails. Yes I like to do a little gaming. Oh but what sad days have left me with nearly nothing worthy of my time. Thats when my moral high ground was lost in a battle against the corporate giant Electronic Arts. Oh yes As a purist gamer I strictly play PC and selective choose my entertainment according to fair trade standards. Anyways failing that I always make a list with two columns, pros and cons.

Electronic Arts

Crushes Innovation
Releases Buggy Games
Micro Payments
Booster Packs
Monitors my web-surfing habits
for marketing purposes.
Possible Mind Control Rays

VS Giant Robots

It was a tough decision butI broke down and bought BF2142. The science fiction atmosphere and visceral combat combine to create a truly unique experience. Half shooter half flight sim half grand turismo and did I mention Giant Robots? In the end electronic arts is as unstoppable as its virtual Mechs. A goliath trampling everything good and pure.


The Lazy Iguana said...

EA used to make the BEST games. Well them and Origin. Wasn't the original Bard's Tale an EA game? That game was the best. I figured out how to hack the saved character files using the hex editor in PC Tools.

A party of all arch-mages with unlimited spell points, unlimited abilities, unlimited hit points - and one token bard whose only purpose was to sit in some chair to uncover a hidden staircase can kick some serious ass.

Kafka said...


Bryce said...

haha Yes the pleasures EA has brought me.....