Last BOok I read

Monday, January 29, 2007

Brian Lumley, "Titus Crow" Really awesome book about totaly secret organizations that wage a super secret war against super awesome inter galactic aliens threatening the very existence of the human race with Global intergalactic domination and certain enslavement. Titus Crow must depend on his wits and cunning to survive this ancient war and must travel through time and space to unlock the ancient mysteries of the Chthulu Mythos. Based in the Universe of HP Lovecraft, Brian Lumley has expanded upon the darkest corners of Man's fear.


The Lazy Iguana said...

Sounds cool! It actually sounds like a great movie idea, but they would just screw it all up and the end result would not really be that much like the book.

So it is better that they don't. Plus, it is good for people to read stuff.

hotgurl_i said...

5th element already did that

UNO said...

It would star Keanu Reeves and suck balls. Hollywood can ruin the finest told tales.