Its like that

Friday, April 20, 2007

So today at work I walked over to the main office to get a delicious filtered auto made cup of coffee like I do everyday. But today I walked into the office and interupted a conversation between my boss and his boss. It went something like this....

"So lets move him to blue shift on tuesday but not tell him or anyone until the day before so we dont 'Rock the Boat"'

Im more than a little paranoid and I knew immediatly that this conversation would implicate me. The shift I work on is populated mainly by really old guys that have worked for the company since forever. So obviously I know the score. I made eye contact with my boss and he had guilt written all over him. The manager dude didnt even give me the benefit of the doubt. When you walk into a room and people are talking about you its polite to stop and take a moment to wallow in shame. Not this guy and I probolby wouldnt have been angry but for the intrigue and mushroom treatment. I have feelings and they were hurt that management would keep me ignorant of my own future. So I poured my coffee and went back to work and waited for my boss. When he got back I jumped on him with both feet. I said look you guys need to move your War Room away from my coffee machine. Eaves Dropping is not polite, yet the damage is done. My boss didnt even try to deny it godbless his heart, he said yeah its like this SO and SO is getting pooped on and is switching shifts and bumping you. You can bump so and so and so on and so forth. The bad news is at the end of the day you go from Full Time to the Call List. So basicly to sum it up Im fucked, but at least I can see it coming from far off. By May I might be out of a job completly. So I said Lay-Off and he said yeah we can do that and Im like duh. Better to be master of my destiny then slave to someone elses.


The Lazy Iguana said...

That sucks. You would think they would tell you this stuff as soon as they know, so that you can make alternative work plans.

hotgurl_i said...

Ohhh! Does this mean we are taking the summer off again? Thats good because last year working the summer was a real drag, and I would rather be doing bbqlols in the backyard.