Labor Day

Friday, August 31, 2007

Work wasnt too bad today. I'm on days shifts and loving it. As the sun drifts across the sky I can measure the passage of time elapsing. There is only darkness on graveyards and the compelling urge to sleep. No matter what time I awoke I always get tired at the same time 3am. There is something even super awesome about my week, I only work two days because here in Canada we celebrate labor by not working, seems strange but I will not complain. Any long weekend is a 5day holiday for me and this one is no different. What to do with so much time? I dont really know. I can taste winter on the wind. This is essentially my last opportunity to accomplish any outdoor activities before the environment becomes too hostile to support life. I guess I should clean out my shed and that sort of thing.


The Lazy Iguana said...

We celebrate labor by getting drunk and not going to work. Many people scam work on Friday by taking the day off. So many people do this that for a lot of places, work is pretty much canceled Friday. Even if you show up, the boss is gone and so therefore nobody knows that all you did was have office chair races and eat lunch, then punch out early. So that does not count as a "work day". That is 4 days.

And Tuesday some people are still on vacation. Others are still drunk from the day before and call in hung over. Tuesday is a slow work day as a result.

The funny thing is that work never seems to pile up. So what the hell do we all do for a living if we can take 4 or 5 days off and nothing piles up? Why not do this every week?

That part remains a mystery.

PS - if you charter a yacht it usually comes with a captain. All you have to do is say "I would like to go here" and point to a spot on the chart or name an activity (party, dive, look at chicks, etc). And then drink. That is it.

The Devils Scribe said...

Dude how much to charter your boat and you as the captain?

The Lazy Iguana said...

My boat is cheap to charter. I am actually not allowed to "charter" it as my boat is not an inspected commercial vessel.

But I will put it in the water for gas. I did a fair amount of running around Sunday and only went through one of the two tanks. It took 23 gallons to fill up. It holds about 25 gallons so it was almost bone dry.

The starboard tank was never used. I kept it switched off on purpose. Next time I go out, I will turn off the port tank and run on the starboard tank to run that thing dry. If there is any gunk in the fuel system I will know because it will be trapped in the filters.

Anyway if you can make it down to Miami Florida I will put in for time off from work for a day before my weekend. In the summer is a great time to hit some of the reefs off Key Largo. In the winter the water is a bit chilly (for my tropical blood) and the water clarity is not the best. Seas also tend to be a little rougher. But it is not impossible to get out in the winter. There are always nice days.

Mitzzee said...

can i have your life/job?